Hey everyone!  Travis here with some cool Tampa tourism information.  We dont' usually post information like this, but because these are such important people to what we do at Tampa Bay & Company, we had to tell everyone! 

We honored our Volunteer of the Year yesterday at the 13th Annual Tampa Bay & Company Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, which was held at The Florida Aquarium.  This year, volunteer Loretta Cunningham was honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award. 

Quotes from the VIC Manager:
Visitor Information Center Manager Natalie Bryant stated during the luncheon that this year’s winner has an excellent knowledge of the area and always offers valuable suggestions so visitors get the best experience possible during their time in the Tampa Bay area.  “Loretta has all the qualities you seek in a volunteer, and it is in her very core and personal makeup to think how they can offer help to others.”

“She goes above and beyond the monthly hours requested of Tampa Bay & Company volunteers and participates in the Visitor Information Center on a weekly basis,” said Bryant.  “However, it is not the quantity of hours that makes our winner so special but the quality of service provided each and every time she participates.”

So, congrats Loretta and thank you for everything you do.

Ok, now that taht's done, we can go back to talking about Tampa Bay entertainment.  So, keep checking back for more great things to do in Tampa Bay.