Good morning Tampa Bay, Alex here with some exciting news from Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

With the hatching of a Marabou stork and births of a royal antelope, squirrel monkey and two waterbuck, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is home to five spring offspring.

 In February, the Zoo had its first successful hatching of a Marabou stork and welcomed a tiny royal antelope. These new offspring can be found  nesting in Safari Africa, in a habitat adjacent to the giraffes and zebras.

 A common squirrel monkey was born March 14 to experienced mother “Cappi.” These petite primates live in large groups in moist, tropical forests throughout Central and South America. Squirrel monkeys have short grey or olive-color fur and with distinct yellowish-orange legs. Swing by Primate World to see these lively little monkeys, weighing only about 1-1.5 pounds each.

A waterbuck calf was born on March 17 and another March 24.  Unlike their name implies, waterbuck are not aquatic animals. They are a type of antelope found in savannah grasslands gallery forests and woodlands south of the Sahara.  At the Zoo, find the waterbuck herd along the path of the Safari Ride.

Make sure to check out these spring offspring during your next visit to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and visit all of the new offspring.

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