Hey there, Intern Katy here!  

I'm glad to report that Lindsey's presentation at the Tampa Film Network meeting last Friday was a success. She spoke to a full house about her role in the film community, which in a nutshell involves acting as a liaison between potential clients and other offices (production companies, governmental agencies, etc.), promoting events (film festivals and the like) going on in the Bay area, as well as advertising Tampa as a great destination for filmmakers. The presentation was very educational, hopefully for the audience and definitely for me. The Tampa Film Network meets monthly. For more information on the Tampa Film Network check out their website.

In an effort to improve the quality of service we provide to our production clients, our office is working on a website overhaul this summer. Have suggestions for things to add to our website? Know of locations that should be included in our phototour but aren’t there yet? Let us know via email. We want to hear from you!

I will be out of the office for the rest of the week. From Wednesday until Friday I will be in Tallahassee for my FSU orientation, something which I am looking forward to. Lindsey promises to keep the blog up to date (we’ll see…J) but have no fear, I'll be returning in just one short week!  Until then, get those website ideas and film friendly locations into us as soon as possible.