It's Julie with some interesting Tampa Florida Attractions news about their additions at Dinosaur World's dinosaur family just in time for the holidays.  Caring for twins babies myself right now I know exactly what the Styracasaurus family has in store with their new twins.

Whether you are looking to introduce your family to other families in the Tampa Bay Area or you want to see some of the more rare Tampa Florida Attractions everyone LOVES LOVES LOVES to visit twin babies!

My twins are now five months old and while they needed Tampa Bay Emergency Management care when they were born everyone is happy and healthy now and we're on the hunt for exciting ways to learn about the past.  We recently found the PERFECT place!  New baby and adolescent dinosaurs have come home to Dinosaur World in Plant City in time for all of us the celebrate the holidays together!  My twin babies get to meet dinosaur twin babies and learn how they lived on Earth so many years ago!

It's all over the Tampa Florida News...the Chasmasaurus family has grown by adding 3 babies and 2 older children.  The Styracasaurus family has also grown with twins, both babies and juveniles. These young dinosaurs join other members of their family including adults. It is this family type display that makes the exhibits more impressive.


The dinosaurs were made on site by artists employed by the museum and based on scientific research.

Dinosaur World is continuing to grow, adding new exhibits yearly. These new dinosaurs were brought out in time for Christmas to enjoy time with visiting families for the holidays.

Dinosaur World is an outdoor dinosaur museum with over 150 life size dinosaurs. Other exhibits include a Fossil Dig, Boneyard, Skeleton Garden, Prehistoric Museum, Caves Exhibit, Deinonychus Island, Carnivore Boardwalk, giftshop and more. For more information visit, or call 813-717-9865.  Contact: Nicole Randall by email at or call 270-773-4345.