Hi Everyone! 
Real World Roi: Tampa Bay & Company
Have you wanted to start your own business blog, but just wasn’t sure how to go about doing it?  Have you ever wondered what the true return on investment is for your blogging efforts or wondered what research and pitfalls are in store? 

Well, we’ve been through it and here’s your chance to tune in and listen to us talk about the success that Tampa Bay & Company has seen since we starting blogging in April – and believe me, thanks to you guys, we have seen some great success!

On Thursday (yes, that's Thursday of THIS week), the folks from Compendium Blogware , along with Jeremy from the Interactive Blog and Travis from the Tampa Bay PR blog (yes, that’s the one you are reading now) will give you the ins and outs of running a successful blog.  Just click here, to register and listen in.

We’ll take you on a Tampa Bay Blog tour and show you what has worked for us, and even some of the things that haven’t worked so well.  From blogs on Tampa Bay film and events to meetings, sports and attractions, you’ll see how we have gone full steam ahead with the Tampa Bay & Company Blogs.

Then, you’ll even get a chance to ask questions about what’s going on with your blog, or any other questions you want to ask (please…let’s keep it G-rated for the all of the kids tuning in).

It’s already looking to be a big crowd on this “webinar,” so go on and register now!  Then, come back and let us know what you thought…or if you have some suggestions for ways we could do things better on here.