Make a State-Ment

Hi Tampa Bay, Alex here to let you know about some possible fashion news we just received.

Socialite fashion designer Lilly Pullitzer recently released a "State of Mind" patch design, where each patch represents a U.S. state. She plans to release an entire "State" collection of five prints (representing five states) in the coming months.

The five states she chooses will depend on which states show her the most love on her Facebook page through a contest... This is where we need your help!

To ensure Florida gets selected for a print in her latest collection, we need you to tell your fans, followers and industry vendors to go to Lilly Pullitzer's Facebook page and vote for Florida. Also. encourage your Twitter followers to vote for Florida and to include #FloridaLovesLilly at the end of each related tweet.
We want Florida to win, and we would love your help!

Have a wonderful day! Check back with us often for more information on things to do in Tampa Bay!