Okay guys, here we go with todays Trivia answers...

If you remember, the questions were:
  1. Meekats are not in fact cats, but members of what "suricates-slender-tailed" family?
  2. What "Desert" region of Africa are you most likely to find a Meerkat?
Meerkats are not cats, but are suricates-slender-tailed members of the mongoose family. That one was easy right! And as far as question number two goes, you are most likely to find a Meerkat in the "Kalahari" desert region of Africa.

There you have it folks! If you were the winner, then congratulations on your four free passes to America's #1 Zoo, and if not, have no fear as we have more trivia coming for you tomorrow.
Thanks again to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, for providing the passes, and stay tuned for more trivia tomorrow!

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