Hey all, it's Lisa. God, I love my job. Not many people can say that. Not only do I love my job, but I also love the destination in which I am promoting. Tampa really has a vibrant, eclectic atmosphere and most people are surprised with what they get once they get here.

My job is to assist out-of-market journalists who visit the destination with the intent of producing a feature article on Tampa. Their stories run, their reader's are enticed to come to Tampa (and spend their money), and in the end we're (Tampa Bay & Company) getting exactly what we wanted...economic development through tourism.

This weekend I have three writers coming in from an variety of different cities. Upscale Magazine out of Atlanta arrives today, The Toronto Star arrives on Saturday afternoon, and Around Wellington arrives Sunday afternoon. While these travel writers are in market, they'll experience activities such as Big Cat Rescue, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, the Tampa Museum of Art, The Columbia Restaurant, Pelagia Trattoria, Ybor City State Museum, Henry B. Plant Museum, Shula's Steak House, Hyde Park Village, International Plaza and more! The Renaissance International Plaza, InterContinental Tampa and the Hampton Inn & Suites Ybor City are the hotels in which the travel writer's will be resting their heads.

What a fun job they have, huh? So next time you pick up a magazine and there's a travel piece on Tampa, you'll think of me and how great my job is! And hopefully you'll pack your bags and head to Tampa to see all the great things you read about for yourself!