Well as I sit here at my desk eating my Crescent City Sandwich and pasta salad from Moxies, I had an epiphany... I LOVE THIS PLACE!

So much so that I wanted to share the top five reasons why I love Moxies. I could easily come up with 10 reasons, but I figured I would just keep it at 5. So here we go:
  1. The Crescent City - I figured I would just go ahead and get right down to it. This is my favorite sandwich at Moxies, and quite possibly anywhere else around. The description on the menu reads "A tender, flaky croissant with layers of turkey breast topped with smoked Gouda & cranberry mayo. Your choice of trimmings served hot or cold " I would wait in line for hours if I had to, in order to get one of these. I love the Cranberry Mayo, and I always get mine cold, as you have a choice of hot or cold. 

  2. Pasta Salad - How good is this pasta salad? I don't even eat pasta salad... that is how good this stuff is! When I see pasta salad at other places I always shy away from it, but this pasta salad is yummy goodness at its best! I don't know if its the actual pasta/noddle/thingys, or the ingredients around it, there is just something about it that gets my taste buds in a frenzy. The best thing is when we have a catered meeting in the office by Moxie's and they bring us a giant sized bowl of this stuff! Can you say Joygasm!!!
  3. Wild Cherry Cranberry Smoothie - Now there are an arsenal of smoothies to choose from on the Moxie's menu, but this one is my fave. Red sour cherries, pineapple, dark sweet cherries, cranberry juice, vitamins & minerals, and ice never tasted so good. Sometimes I will go and not even have a full lunch, I'll just go and get the smoothie! I am sure the rest of the smoothies are awesome as well, so try one and let me know what you think. I may decide to give another flavor a shot!

  4. Moxie's Chili - I know it seems like I keep naming food items, but seriously guys, its all good grub, so why not talk about it! I love the chili here. I am no food critic so don't ask me what about the chili I like, as I won't be able to tell anything other than its just good, and you'll like it, correction... you'll love it! Combine the chili with the aforementioned smoothie and you have got yourselves a nice little meal.
  5. Service - Seeing as how I named all food items above, you can imagine that this place is constantly busy, especially around lunch time. And while there is adequate room to have a nice meal, it can seem crowded at lunch time, and you would think wait times would be awful. Not the case at all folks, as even when the line is out of the door, you can still get your food and/or sit down quickly. The staff is courteous and its always a pleasure to be there. Can't say I have ever had a bad dining experience.
Well I told you I loved this place, if you didn't believe me then, after reading this I would guess that you do now! I actually left off the Chocolate Chip cookies, as those are so good they make you want to slap someone. Maybe I should circle back and do a top ten list sometime soon. It really would not be that hard to name 10 things...lol!

Well folks that all for now, but if you are in downtown, be sure to stop by Moxies and let me know how you like it!

Check back soon for more Tampa Bay dining updates, from Jerm and the rest of the Tampa Bay team!