That is the question.  Hey everyone!  Travis back with another Tampa Tourism Trivia question.  We've given you some interesting stats so far, but we've got a cool one in store for you today. 

Remember that whoever answers the question correctly first wins two tickets to The Florida Aquarium!  But, you have to be following us on Twitter ( and reply to the post when the question is asked to win the prize.  So, make sure you are following us! 

We know that millions and millions of people come to Tampa each year.  And now we even know how they get here!  But, and here's today's question, can anyone tell me what percentage of visitors to Hillsborough County are likely to return again in the future? 

The number seems to rise each year, so we must be doing something right in Tampa! 

So, do your research, log on to Twitter, follow us if you aren't already, and get ready to post the correct answer first!  Don't forget that tickets to The Florida Aquarium on the line, so make sure you hurry up and find the answer. 

Plus, we'll be posting the answer here later today!