Ellonton Premium OutletsHey guys! Jerm here with an update for you on some holiday shopping tips if you are one of the many that will be braving the Black Friday sales!

Our friends over at Ellenton Premium Outlets are gearing up for the big day and wanted to drop some tips for you on how to go about preparation! These tips are straight from the experts, so be sure to take note:

  • Have a Game Plan - Check out www.premiumoutlets.com before you shop for a center map, sales information and all the details you need to determine your plan-of-attack.  Knowing ahead of time will make shopping less overwhelming when you hit the center on Black Friday.  Also, be sure to check for off-site parking lots in case the main ones are full.   Establish your gift list in advance and be sure to include plenty of special items for yourself – your deserve it.
  • Look for the QR Code -  Premium Outlets will be utilizing QR codes for the first time for this sale event providing shoppers with a sneak peak of sales during the big event.  QR codes will be available in newspaper ads as well as on site posters and materials.   The information will be updated on mobile pages on a continual basis and the most comprehensive list of sales will be available during the event. 
  • Take Advantage of Extra Perks - Sign up for FREE for the VIP Shopper Club at www.premiumoutlets.com/vip to receive exclusive on-line coupons, a voucher for a free Coupon Book, insider news and info, shopping tips and more.
  • Timing is Everything -  Many stores offer extra savings as an incentive for early shoppers but if getting up early is not your forte, shop later in the day - it's a great time to avoid some of the larger crowds.  Some stores will be opening even before midnight on Thanksgiving and the sale doesn't end on Black Friday. Saturday and Sunday will offer great sales as well!  Check the website for details.
  • Create a Black Friday Survival Kit - Arm yourself with everything you’ll need to make your shopping experience pleasant.  Be sure to pack emergency snacks including power bars, bottled water as well as practical items such as a digital music player, book or magazine to help pass the time while braving long lines.
  • Dress for the Occasion - Pick an outfit that's comfortable, stylish and practical. Wear layers so you can easily try on other pieces over your own tank or tee. The right shoes matter, so wear shoes or boots that slide on and off easily and are comfortable enough for navigating through the center and make waiting in long lines a breeze. 
  • Shop with People who Love to Shop - Shopping this weekend is not for the meek and timid.  It is power shopping at its best.  Do it is best to shop with people who also love to shop and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  Tag team, text what each of you are finding, have one person stand in line for your favorite store while the other person shops. 
  • Make Friends with People in Line -  A spirit of camaraderie will not only make the long wait more pleasant, it can also be great if you’re shopping alone and need someone to hold your place in line while you take a quick bathroom break.

  • Be Social -  Black Friday is no longer confined to the Thanksgiving Day paper.  Stores will post information and offer extra discounts on their Facebook and Twitter page.  Follow Premium Outlets on Twitter @premiumoutlets and Facebook:  facebook.com/premiumoutlets for the inside scoop on deals, store openings and more.  Plus, take this opportunity to brag about your find to the world. 
  • Don’t Hesitate - If you see it and love it, buy it because it will be gone soon.  Merchandise sells fast and the item may never be sold again, especially during the After-Thanksgiving Weekend Sale when the deals are unbeatable.
  • Bring Your Game Face - And…your sense of humor, your patience and your wallet. Smile your way through the crowds and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  It only takes place once a year and you know you'll be bragging about your savings for the next 364 days. 
  • Stick to a Budget - When shopping for yourself, take an inventory of what is already in your closet and buy only what you truly need. When shopping for gifts, know how much you want to spend on each person beforehand.
Well that's all for now folks, be sure to take advantage of these great tips in preparation for and while you are out shopping!

Happy Holidays and be sure to stay tuned in for more updates on Tampa Bay Shopping and things to do in Tampa Bay!