Hey people, Brooke here and yes, this is my FIRST blog! Whoopee! And to initiate myself into the blog world, I wanted to share the good news about Tampa International Airport. The “Today Show” announced TIA as the best overall airport in the country by Zagat… Ok, that deserves another Whoopee! Minneapolis/St. Paul and Denver came in second and third respectively. This follows on the heels of a recent survey that put TIA as #2 in the country as one of America’s best airports for children.

My hats off to the airport staff for, well, doing everything it is that they do day in and day out! I’m sure some of the many things that they do is keep an impeccably clean facility, have friendly staff that supports fabulous customer service, and thanks to wonderful planning, they make sure that the accessibility and ease of use of Tampa International Airport continues to be top notch.  Now if they would only offer a seminar to teach me to pack without bringing my entire wardrobe and every single shoe I own! Which at last count was nearing 72 pairs…

Here’s the link so you can check it out for yourself:

And that’s what I’ll say about that. Stay tuned for my next blog about which pair of shoes is my favorite pair to walk around Ybor City in. And yes, I do have a pair in mind.