Hey Tampa Bay!  It's Terri P reporting from Prague for the World Dragon Boat Racing Championship.  

Well Thursday was a busy day at the course and by 5pm, we were hungry for lunch. Yes, that is lunch so we ate which then could be considered dinner.  But again, where to eat?  So we found a really cool little place.  
While we sat in this café, we saw the saddest, coolest thing – a guy’s car being towed.  Sad if you are the guy but very cool if you are us and seeing how they tow in Prague.  That’s right, no backing up the truck and pulling your car like they do in the good ole USA. Nope, the police officer gets out of the tow truck and takes  pictures from every angle of the car with a video camera and then he gives the signal.  
Just like that, the tow truck driver gets out the stuff, put the metal pockets around the tires and then moves the forklift on his truck above the car.  That’s right,  a mini forklift for these mini cars.  He hooks up the forklift to the tire pockets, picks up the car from the top, puts it on the truck and away they go.  10 minutes max! 
It is more impressive when you are sitting 10 feet away literally on the café which overlooks all of this action.  If that wasn’t good enough, we saw this dad with his son trying to park. You know, the son gets out, tries to help dad, dad doesn’t believe him so he gets out when the son was totally telling the truth, dad gets back in, turns off the car and away they go.  
Now that would be the boring story. The better story is that when dad got out, he had a pair of dolphin shorts on which the 1980s were asking for with a long  t-shirt and his work dress shoes and long socks.  This getup was for the ages.  I can imagine his son wanted to be two blocks down the street.  My word!  What an outfit!
So not sure if I have discussed the Czech beer yet but it is totally worth discussing.  My Rick Steeves book says that it is the best beer in Europe and I might agree.  Pilsner Urquell is a darn good beer.  
Now I am a ‘blond’ beer drinker or in the States, that means light beers, and although some on my trip swear by the dark beer, I have to say that Pilsner Urquell is darn good stuff.  Have had a few kinds and all the beer seems so much more yummy here.  Yeah, and Budweiser started here.  They have Budweiser here too but it tastes even better, like more of a European blend.  
Not that I am a beer aficionado but I guess if I keep trying.  Ok, off for now...but I'll be back soon with more of the cool stuff going on here in Prague!  Until then...and as always...go Tampa Bay!