Jerm here again, and he wants to tell you all about a place we call "SoHo." What does it mean you ask? South of Howard, and that is where you will find the trendy part of Tampa as you search around for the best Tampa Bay nightlife and Tampa Bay dining scene. As you start looking forward to the weekend if you are new in town, let me point out a few of my favorite places.

Lets start out with lunch, as I never really get up early enough to eat breakfast:
  • Daily Eats - I have only eaten at this place once, but each time the food was fanfreakingtastic. Being from Mississippi and all, I grew up on grits so as you could imagine its hard to find a good bowl of home cooked grits. Not at Daily Eats though, as they make'em just like mother used to make. While that is more of a breakfast item, the Memphis Southern Fried Chicken sandwhich is tasty also. 
  • Chipotle - Seriously, who doesn't like a big fat tasty Burrito. I know I do, and I am always on hand to have one from this place, not to mention that is pretty cheap!
  • Panera - I know Panera is more like a chain, but you can't argue that the food and pastries over there are first class. I am a big fan of the soup and salad  mix and match. The vegetable soup is first class!
Now on to the nightlife portion of the blog. I would like to preface this section and say that no matter where you are on any given evening in SoHo, the beautiful people will without question be on the prowl. Anyway, here goes:
  • MacDintons - You can't talk SoHo without mentioning this place. This is definitely what you would call a hot spot, as the place is always packed! Get there on a Thursday night and be sure to enjoy Karaoke night with your friends. The drink specials are always a-flowin, and the food is not your typical bar food at all, as its first class cuisine! 
  • Cheap - I just recently started going to this joint recently, as we had a going away party and a graduation party for friends a while back. Great drink specials for happy hour, as well as good food, and true to the name, every thing is relatively inexpensive. I actually got a whole pizza there one time for about 6 bucks... and it was good, so you can't beat that. Oh yeah and did I mention there were beautiful women all over the place!
  • The Lodge - This is the newest hot spot on the SoHo strip. Owned by the same group of guys that own Daily Eats, The Lime, as well as Ciccio & Tony's, you can expect this place to be around for a while with its eclectic menu and great atmosphere. Went there last night actually and it was a great crowd and the drinks were flowing.
Now obviously there is so much to do down there that I may have left out a few spots, but I can't give you all the info baby! You gotta get out there and experience it yourself. Jerm will be out this weekend at one of these hot spots, so as usual, be on the lookout for me.