Hey everyone.  Travis back with some really cool Tampa Bay Entertainment to tell you about, and something you have probably never experienced...unless you have specifically requested it at the Columbia Restaurant.

It all starts with one thing - did you know that The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City is the oldest restaurant in Florida? 

Well, where else can you actually take a tour with someone who has lived almost HALF of that history...in the same historic building???!!!

Joe Roman started working at the Columbia in Ybor in 1954 (that's right, started working there in 1954) and is currently The Columbia’s "Ambassador".

Here's where the really fun part comes in - ask your server and Joe will visit your table and lead you on a tour.  Joe is a favorite among guests because he often spontaneously breaks into song.  I mean, he really breaks in to a song right then and there.! 

Because of this, he earned his nickname, “The Singing Waiter,” in 1962.  How could you not want to come see this materpiece in action.  so, come visit Joe, he would love to see you!

And keep checking back for more great things to do in Tampa Bay and other Tampa Bay area events.