Hey everyone!  Travis back with more Tampa Bay area events for you to enjoy over the next few weekends!  When I saw this come across my inbox, I said to myself, "Travis, you have to tell everyone about it."  So, here I am...and I hope you take advantage of this one. 

The Urban Culinary Cafe will be hosting a Chef's Lecture Series in a couple of weekends, on Saturday (March 27), titled, "The Sensual Side of Foods"...the Single Woman Edition!

Here's what they said: Women will learn the importance of peeling a Grape, how to squeeze a Peach and how to share them with a man.  This is a hands-on, interactive lecture where the participants get to experience the Sensual Side of Foods through the various senses. 

But don't worry...this is for everyone.  Single men and couples are highly encouraged to attend too!  Like I said, it's on Saturday, March 27 at 9pm, and it only costs $20 to participate.  Just head over to www.urbanculinarycuisine.com to get more details. 

Have a great time everyone and we'll see you back here for more great things to do in Tampa Bay and other Tampa Bay entertainment options.