And we’re back with more fun facts about Tampa Bay & Company!  At Tampa Bay & Company, it’s all about the numbers (as it is with most businesses today).  But, unlike most businesses, we are driving visitor numbers, as well as revenues, up, up and away! 


So, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the amazing successes that Tampa Bay & Company, and the Hospitality Industry as a whole, had throughout 2007 (since the 2007 Visitor Statistics Study recently came out...hey, if I had more recent numbers, so would you).  But, I digress. 


Now, in true blogging fashion, we can’t just give you the numbers, you have to work for them.  So, it’s Jeopardy time ladies and gentlemen!  Ok, does everyone have their buzzers ready?  Good, lets’ begin. 


Answer #1:



Answer #2:



Answer #3:



Answer #4:

$827.6 MILLION


Tune in next week to see the answers.  JUST KIDDING!  Here’s the explanation.  In 2007, Tampa Bay welcomed 16.8 million visitors to Hillsborough County (Answer #1).  Those visitors spent $3.18 billion throughout the county (Answer #2).  Because of the Hospitality Industry, more than 49,200 local jobs were provided (Answer #3), and those jobs produced $827.6 million in wages (Answer #4). 


As you can see, the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Hillsborough County plays a significant role in everyone’s life, residents and visitors alike.  All of the visitor statistics can be found on our website by visiting


How many answers did you get right?  Interested in learning more or have any questions?  Drop me a line and let me know how you did.