researchOk, I feel like I need a drumroll!  Hey everyone, is Travis again and I'm back with an update about the announcement of the 2008 visitor statistics!  (If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, take a look at a recent post titled, "Unveiling Visitor Research" to get the info).  Well, I guess the announcement is that they have been released!  Here's just a quick tease for you -

In 2008, Hillsborough County welcomed 16.1 million visitors who spent $2.73 billion in the area.  Additionally, nearly 54,700 jobs were provided that produced $1.1 billion in wages.

Now, if that's not an impact, then I don't know what is!  The research presentation happened yesterday at MOSI in North Tampa, and we had a great crowd in attendance (thanks to everyone who was there!).  But the excitement didn't stop there.  After the presentation, we had a business by the bay event, which I'm sure the Partnership Pulse blog will fill you in on. 

But, back to the results.  If you want to see the full synopsis and get more details, we've put the results on our website at, so head on there and take a look! 

And if you were at the event yesteday, let us know how you thought it went...also, we're always here to answer questions, so if you aren't sure about anything from the research, drop a line and let us know. 

Until next time (which I'm sure will be really soon), stay tuned for more updates about Tampa great things to do in Tampa Bay!