Hey Gang...as I am sitting here at work with streaming updates coming across my computer telling me that Kentucky is beating Ole Miss with less than 10 minutes left, it occurred to me that I have not told you about a magazine that is brand new to the Tampa Bay area.  Some of you may have seen it...The Parrot Magazine! 

the parrot magazineThey started down in the Sarasota area, and now they are bringing the best of the Tampa Bay area events to everyone in our area!  This entertainment publication is one that you'll want to take a look at once a month, if only to get the lowdown on some of the best Tampa Bay entertainment out there. 

And in case you couldn't tell, I'm endorsing it for a reason!  Not only is it a great source of things to do in Tampa Bay, but I also happen to write a monthly column for the publication!  Now if that isn't enough reason to take a look, I don't know what is! 

So, make sure you pick up your copy and take a look ASAP.  Plus, you can always head over to their website and take a look.  Just visit www.TheTampaBayParrot.com and take a look. 

And as always, keep checking back for more updates about local Tamap Bay entertainment, as well as what's happening with the SEC Tournament.  Kentucky is still up, but not by much.  We'll be sure to bring you the final stats shortly.