Hey gang...we are back with more information about the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament here in Tampa Bay (aka, one of the best Tampa Bay area events you'll get to participate in)! 

We couldn't just let everyone get in to tournament time without knowing who's playing who and when!  So, here's the rundown of round one of the 2009 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament -

Thursday, March 12: Ole Miss will take on Kentucky at 1pm, following by Georgia and Miss St. going head-to-head at 3:15pm.  Later that night, Vanderbilt and Alabama will hoop it up at 7:30pm, with Arkansas taking on Florida at 9:45pm. 

Now that's a day of hoops action!  And don't forget, the SEC FanFare will be going on during all of this too! 

The other four SEC teams (Tennessee, Auburn, S. Carolina and LSU) will be playing the winners on Friday. 

Thursday night (or maybe Friday morning) keep an eye out for the winners, losers and game schedule as we'll bring you the latest of who's playing who.  And you can always head over to www.SECTampaBay.com to get more details about the tournament, FanFare and other activities. 

Until next time, keep your fingers crossed for the Gators!!!!!  And if not, then route as loud as you can for your favorite team. 

In fact, drop a line and let me know who you think is going to win. 

See you next time as we bring you more great things to do in Tampa Bay...especially with this amazing Tampa Bay weather!