Happy Monday Everyone, Alex here to remind you Dolphin Tale comes out thDolphin Taleis Friday, September 23rd.

Dolphin Tale is based on an amazing true story of a brave dolphin, Winter, who was severely injured in a crap trap accident, and the compassionate strangers who helped save her life.  After being rescued, Winter was taken to Clearwater Marine Hospital and surpassed the expectations of many experts. She has completely healed and adapted to her new swim pattern. 

Take a visit to Clearwater Marine Aquarium and meet Winter, the star of Dolpin Tale!

A special premiere, featuring supporting local cast members and possibly some of the stars, will be held Sept. 21 at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Purchase tickets to this Red Carpet Event, here

Read more about Winter’s Story and share a story on how Winter has inspired you at, http://www.seewinter.com/winter.

Also, check out information on Dolphin Tale and watch the movie trailer at,

Get together with your friends and family to see Dolphin Tale at the Red Carpet Event this Wednesday or watch it in theaters this Friday!

Have a wonderful day and check back with us often for Tampa Bay Film updates.