Hi everyone!  Travis back with a Tampa tourism update.  We've told you all about the effort to bring the FIFA World cup to the US and Tampa Bay.  Well, now you have YOUR chance to tell FIFA (the governing body of World Cup soccer) why the World Cup should be in Tampa Bay, and the US. 

Over the past month the US Bid Committee has been collecting letters written to FIFA by U.S. soccer fans like you.

Soon they'll choose one of these letters to feature in the opening pages of its official Bid Book -- so you can tell FIFA in your own words why they should pick the U.S. to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 or 2022.

The deadline to enter is December 15th, 2009, so get those pens going! Don't miss this amazing chance to represent all U.S. soccer fans -- submit your letter and photo now. 

Just go to: www.gousabid.com/LetterToFIFA

There are some incredible stories in the hundreds of letters they've already received.  Here's one of those letters:

Greetings. For more than 35 years, I have lived and breathed soccer in the United States. As a player, as a high school coach, and even as a Political Science professor (yes, I have taught soccer at university), I have experienced first hand the meaning of the often-quoted phrase that "soccer is democracy on grass." Anyone can play, whether small or large, quick or slow, black or white, immigrant or native, rich or poor, tall or short. But what makes "democracy on grass" so special in the United States is that here it reflects the incredible diversity of the sport worldwide.

On soccer fields across America, you find virtually every type of person playing the game: whether you are in Iowa or Texas, Illinois or Florida, Oregon or New York, soccer in the United States unites people across languages, races and cultures in ways most other countries cannot. American soccer fields are little U.N. General Assemblies scattered throughout the American countryside where diverse people come together in a common bond, with a common purpose. I have learned Spanish, German, Arabic and even a little Ibo on American soccer fields. Soccer in America gives us the example of democracy as sport that is transferable to democracy as governance. What better lesson could I offer my students than in engaging them on the soccer field?

Can you do a better job of telling FIFA why the Game Is In US? If you think so, submit your letter before Dec. 15 to find out. 

Help us bring the World Cup to the US and Tampa Bay...it'll benefit everyone in the end. 

Thanks everyone.  And keep checking back for more World Cup updates, as well as updates on great things to do in Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay area events and entertainment.