Hey you Tampa Tourism Trivia masters out there.  Travis here with the answer to today's trivia question.  We are talking travel and how people travel again today.  Remember that tickets to The Florida Aquarium on the line again today, as well as tomorrow. 

Yesterday we learned that people prefer to travel by auto as opposed to air when traveling to Tampa.  Now that you know what the most popular mode of travel is, can you tell me the percentage of visitors that travel by air, vs. the percentage that travel by auto? 

The answer is, 58.4% of travelers to Tampa travel by auto, compared to 41.6% who travel here by air. 

Did you get it right?  Were you the first to answer on Twitter?  If so, congrats and have fun at The Florida Aquarium. 

Stay tuned because we'll be back tomorrow with more Tampa Tourism Trivia updates for you and one more great giveaway! 

See you tomorrow....