Good Morning Tampa Bay!!! Jessica here with an interesting update ~ as you all know Tampa Bay conventions that come to town are great for our local economy... between hotel room sales, visitors to Tampa Florida attractions, and even shopping in Tampa Bay, any and all convention attendees are more than welcome in to the Bay area year round.  Well, just think of the economic impact an event such as the Republican National Convention (RNC) would have in Tampa -- That's right... Tampa is one of three finalist cities in the running to host the event in the year 2012!!!

With the support of political leaders, local community, and even grass roots organizations such as the Tampa Bay Young Republicans, the RNC has a good chance of coming to Tampa.

The Tampa Bay Young Republicans (TBYR) have recently posted a video on Facebook promoting the RNC in Tampa by explaining the importance/impact of such an event to our community.  To learn more about WHY Tampa should host the Republican National Convention 2012, click the following link and enjoy the video!!! (FYI, the video is in spanish)


The Tampa Bay Young Republicans is an organization designed for young professionals (18-40 years old) who are interested in taking an active role in Republican Party politics.  Young Republicans take part in GOP activities in their communities; doing everything from voter registrations drives and phone bank operations, to participating in campaign managers, and even running for public office themselves.  The group provides crucial support to the Republican Party, and works to ensure the future of the party both in Tampa and nationwide.