We all know that being in the spotlight can be tough.  It can be grueling.  It can even be intimidating and some people's worst nightmare!  Well it is what we live for here at Tampa Bay & Company.  Our dream and goal is to put the Tampa Bay area on a national and international platform as often as possible. 

Well, that is exactly what's happening on June 26-29 when we host five national and international travel writers for an Eco-Tour of Tampa Bay.  During their trip, the journalists will experience some of Tampa Bay’s most eco-friendly locations including Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, Skipper’s Smokehouse, Canoe Escape, Busch Gardens Africa, Big Cat Rescue and even a Yacht StarShip Dining Cruise.  

I know you are asking yourself, "where will they lay their heads at the end of a day packed with eco-friendly fun?" (OK, you may not be asking yourself that, but we'll tell you)  They will stay at just one of Tampa's Certified Green Lodges, the Quorum Hotel-Tampa.


Some of the publications that will be visiting our area for their stories include Family Circle, Sports Guide, Florida Travel & Life, Bonita Living, Offbeat Travel, Senior Connection, Big Apple Parent NYC, Family Travel Forum, Real Travel Adventures International Magazine, Travel World International Magazine, International Living, Escape From America Magazine, Chicago-Sun Times and Chicago Parent.


Be on the lookout for these journalists as they see the latest and greatest of Tampa Bay's eco-friendly locations and let us know if you see their stories down the road.  

Finally, have you tripped in to a wild lemur pen and been completely cleaned by it's in habitants during a safari at Busch Gardens or Lowry Park Zoo? Or, have you fallen out of a canoe during your last wedding reception? 

Ok, we realize these aren't likely to occur, but if they have, or even if they haven't, we want to hear your fun, goofy or just plain silly eco stories.  So, until next time, happy sharing!