Hey everyone!  Travis here with a Tampa tourism update.  We all know about the oil spill impacting just about everyone in Florida, as well as those states on the Gulf coast.  Well, there's a Tampa-based company that is giving everyone the opportunity to see how great Tampa Bay area beaches are, along with many other beaches along the coast. 

Here's the info we received about it - Tampa-based Mobilozophy is hoping that a little mobile marketing magic will reassure prospective out-of-state visitors that area beaches are free from BP oil and waiting for them.

The Mobilozophy team felt one way to do that was to allow prospective visitors see real-time images of Florida’s west coast beaches right on their mobile phones. So the company created a webcam beach link that can be accessed through text messaging. They are promoting the text link across the Internet.

Prospective visitors simply text the word BEACH to 28766 and instantly receive a link to the Beach web-cam. It's as simple as that, and you can have a real time look at how beautiful these beaches still are.  if you need/want more info, just visit www.mobilozophy.net

So, get texting, and continue visiting!!!  See you next time for more Tampa tourism updates, along with info about great things to do in Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay area events.