Whatsup everybody! Hope your day has gotten off to a good start! Jerm here to tell you about one of our newest yet coolest Tampa Bay nightlife options for those of you that like to go out and unwind after work!

Our friends over at the Crowne Plaza Tampa Westshore are at it again with their new Take 5 on the Terrace happy hour! Well actually its not a happy hour, more along the lines of a casual lounge experience on the terrace.

Its perfect for when you want to unwind from one of those long 10 hour days like the ones I seem to find myself working often these days. Open from 5pm until 10pm and offering $5 drink and $5 appetizer specials, you have plenty of time to unwind, whether that is from the special food menu created for these events, or the specialty drinks!

I must admit that I am looking forward to trying out the southwestern chicken sliders as well as the bang bang shrimp. As for my beverage of choice, I am going to be sampling the "french kiss" as I have never had one of those before... the drink I mean. As far as the other "french kiss," to quote Ace Ventura "That's none of your business and I'll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs." Lol just joking guys!

Be sure to check out the menu and see for yourself all of the goodies they have to offer! With the long days I have been having here, you will very likely seen me there as well! Just another case of our friends over at the Crowne, changing it up on us and offering somethign just a little bit different!

Thats it for now folks, but check back soon for future updates on nightlife related things to do in Tampa Bay!