Merry Christmas all... Jerm here with a holiday blog update for you Super Bowl fans! As promised I told you that I would be updating the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay page on our website as we got new info about the big game.

Tampa Bay Area Events: Super BowlThis weeks update come from our friends over at Navteq and NxtBook. In addition to the Visit Tampa Bay version of the Travel Planner (stay tuned for that update later), feel free to browse through the Official Super Bowl Event Guide and get the scoop on all of the NFL sponsored events that will be going on that week ofthe game.

With officically 38 days left until kickoff, the game will be here before you know it so make sure you got your hotel, attractions, golf, and other entertainment plans already set in place so you can be sure to make the most of your Visit to Tampa Bay in February!

Stay tuned in for more as we get new updates and such!!!