super bowl xliiiOk, so we are going to take a break from the Tampa Bay area events just for a sec, and being you some interesting news.  We all know that tons and tons of people were in town for Super Bowl XLIII just a couple of weeks ago. 

And we all know that when we get a chance to spark a bit of an economic boost for the area, we need to take it...but, here are some numbers to show you exactly what kind of an impact Super Bowl XLIII had on Tampa...

During the month of January, occupancy throughout the state of Florida was down more than 10 percent (compared to data from January 2008), including a 7 percent decrease in Orlando, 11 percent decrease in Miami and a 10 percent decrease in Tampa. 

However, in the four days leading up to Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1, 2009, occupancy in local hotels saw as much as a 110 percent increase, and RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room) was up as much as 435 percent, compared to the same days one year earlier. 

Each day leading up to Super Bowl XLIII, Hillsborough County saw a dramatic increase in occupancy, as well as RevPar, compared to the same day in 2008:

Thursday, Jan. 29 - Occupancy saw a 14.3 percent increase and RevPar saw a 103.4 percent increase; Friday, Jan. 30 - occupancy saw a 36.9 percent increase and RevPar saw a 199.2 percent increase; Saturday, Jan. 31 - occupancy saw a 51.4 percent increase and RevPar saw a 270.7 percent increase; and Sunday, Feb. 1 - occupancy saw a 110.4 percent increase and RevPar saw a 435.5 percent increase.

How's that for an impact??!!  With numbers like that, it's no wondering why EVERYONE in a community benefits when the area hosts and event like the super bowl. 

Ok, that's enough of the numbers for one day...keep checking back as we bring you the best Tampa Bay area events and Tampa Bay entertainment around.