Well folks, looks like we have another website re-design on our hands! You know how Jerm loves those, and hopes to do another one on our website in the near future. 

Today's re-design feature is for the St. Pete Times Forum right here in downtown Tampa and home to our Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. The Forum's previous sight used to be a largely flashed based site, which if you have ever heard me rant on before, is not a favored design template of mine.

Looks like the home page is pretty much designed to get you straight to the material you want, which is surprise... Tampa Bay area events, or at least the ones at the Forum. Upcoming events is the overall theme, even with getting you to the email newsletter to sign up to receive alerts for more events! 

That navigation scheme on the home page gives you easy access to get to all of the other areas of the site that you might be interested in as well, like seating charts, purchasing tickets, dining options and much more. Okay, so I have talked about it enough, so now its time for you to go and check it out for yourself! Congrats the the forum team on the new look and feel!