Hi all...Travis back for some Tampa Bay entertainment news for all of you sports and lifting fans out there. 

You may have heard, but the Raw Unity Power Lifting Championship is coming to town, and if you haven't heard, just click here to read the previous post from the Tampa Bay Sports guys!

Well, they have 5 spots available in the female division, 6 spots available in the heavyweight division, 8 spots available in the bench only division and 8 spots available in the deadlift only division.

So, if you are interested and meet the lifting requirements, get signed up soon! 

If you are interested in competing at Raw Unity then please check out the qualifying totals to see if you qualify for the meet...just click here.  

If you have not qualified and would like to apply for a spot, then simply send a “lifter resume” to erictalmant@yahoo.com.  Please include videos or links to videos if you would like to improve your chances.

Also, if you aren't a "lifter" but you know some who may be interested, pass the word to any and all lifters that may be interested. 

The roster that has been assembled is arguably one of the best that the sport of powerlifting has seen in a long time. 

If you want to see the current roster,just click here


Oh, and you can also attend if you just want to see the action.  I will definitely be heading out to see this one! 

Until then, keep checking back for more great things to do in Tampa Bay.