Hello Tampa, Melissa here to tell you that this Thursday, November 11th Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will serve as the finish line for the 6th annual Special Operations Forces Run. The run is a competitive 5-day, 550 mile run that starts in Duluth, GA and will feature 30 military, police, firefighters and civilians led by Operation One Voice founder Lieutenant Bill Stevens of the Duluth Police Department.

This event serves as a fundraiser for Operation One Voice. This non-profit organization provides support to the families of fallen and wounded Special Operation Forces soldiers and since its beginning has risen close to half a million dollars for 1,044 families.

Operation One Voice honors the contributions of Special Operations Forces soldiers. That includes a lot of really great individuals, including those that are Army Rangers, Green Berets, Spec Op Aviators, Navy Seals, Air Force Special Operations pilots, para-rescue and Marine Force Recon.

150 VIP guests are expected to attend this year’s ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Gwazi Plaza, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, at 11 am.

You can visit the Operation One Voice site (link above) to learn more about this amazing organization. Just because you can’t be a part of the run doesn’t mean you can’t help out in some way. On the site, you will find ways to donate as well as information on how to become a volunteer at upcoming events. What a way to give back-to help the brave individuals who work every day to help keep us safe.

Well, that's it for me at the moment Tampa.As always, be on the lookout here for more about the great Tampa Bay area events.