Hey everyone...Travis here with some info that I had to share.  If you are familiar with South Tampa at all (and probably even if you aren't) you've heard of MacDinton's.  This place has some of the best Tampa Bay area events around!!!!

Well, last week, MacDinton’s launched a pioneering initiative to promote responsible drinking and optimize road safety within the South Tampa area.

By partnering with designated driver company Zingo, MacDinton’s is offering all their patrons a free service to drive customers and their vehicles home, seven-days-a-week! 

We all know that some bars have offered free taxi rides during specific holidays, the MacDinton’s-Zingo association ensures that all customers have the option to utilize the Zingo designated driver service – for free – every day of the year.

Here's a quote from one of the co-owners of MacDinton's - “We are committed to improving safety on our highways,” said Barry O’Conner, “we live in a car-centric social environment and by partnering with Zingo we aim to dramatically reduce the risk of accidents and the number of DUI’s throughout our community.”

Plus, with over 2,000 customers visiting MacDinton’s each week, many of who leave their vehicles in the neighboring streets overnight, this would certainly help out the parking situation! 

There's the quick scoop!  But if you want to learn more about MacDinton's, head over to www.macdintons.com.  And if you're interested in finding out more about Zingo, read below:

Zingo Transportation Inc. was established in Atlanta, GA in 2005 and currently operates within 22 cities and 8 states throughout North America. Unlike a regular taxi service, Zingo’s trained and qualified designated drivers chauffeur both the clients and their vehicles safely home, utilizing collapsible motor-scooters that fit in the trunk of any sized car.

Once the vehicle and clients are safely at their residence, the Zingo designated driver continues on to the next customer using the Zingo motor-scooter. Zingo Tampa has been serving the community since 2007, garnering praise and acknowledgement from Hillsborough County Sherriff David Gee and Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio.

Until next time, stayed tuned for information about great things to do in Tampa Bay, and other Tampa Bay area events and information.