My son Skylar and I hit ZooBoo tonight for the first time.  We’ve been members of Lowry Park Zoo for about three years.  My son’s practically grown up there, learning about animals and interacting with them. I remember the first time we went to Lowry Park, he was petrified of the goats.  Visit after visit, he warmed up to them and now they can’t get away from him.  So with him being 4 years old and very into trick-or-treating, I thought we’d hit the Zoo at night for some Halloween fun.

Tampa Florida Attractions: Lowry Park's Zoo BooThe entire way Skylar was asking me, “Daddy, why are we going to the Zoo at night? Aren’t the animals sleeping?”   He had a point, but that launched us into a discussion of nocturnal animals and reminded him of his latest animal fascination: Bats.  Upon arriving we walked in and immediately saw two Owls on the arms of zookeepers. Sky loved them.  We scored a colored strobe light to hang around his neck and forged into the night.  The main street of the Zoo was like a Halloween Christmas with lights and decorations that made the whole place glow. We hit the carousel and Sky was happy. 

Lowry Park Zoo: Things to do in Tampa BayWe opted out of Gator Falls because we didn’t want to walk around wet all night, but we were very tempted.  After getting some popcorn Sky and I hit a couple of haunted walks.  I thought they were a blast, but I think a few of them are a little much for a 4 year old.  My advice for parents of young ones is to stick with Wallaroo station and save the bigger ones till next year.  We made it through three of them before he was begging to leave.

All in all, it was a fun night.   Lowry Park makes it easy because it’s so kid friendly. It’s not overly scary, but still gives you the haunted feel in a cool, safe atmosphere. Even though Sky negotiated that I’ll only take him to the Zoo when the sun is out, I think we’ll go to ZooBoo next year…only in full costume.