You might recall hearing about a cop reality show filming here in Tampa earlier this year. The show is called Rookies and was produced by Tiger Aspect and The Greif Company. Well, the show is finally premiering tonight on A&E.

Here's a snipet from the network's press release -

Remember your first day at your new job? Now imagine being a police officer.  ROOKIES, shot on location in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana and Tampa, Florida, puts viewers in the squad car as each rookie heads out on patrol for the first time. 

Each week viewers will join the journey as rookies learn how to patrol the tough city streets with their field training officer (FTO). These veteran cops teach the rookies how to survive.  Some of these rookies will have what it takes – and others will be asking themselves if they can take the heat in one of the toughest jobs in America.

ROOKIES premieres Tuesday, October 21st at 10 PM ET/PT on A&E with two back-to-back half hour episodes.

In Tampa, Florida we’ll meet rookies like Amy Hess. She may look like the girl next door but she is one tough cop.  Her first week includes participating in her first SWAT hit.  Rookie AJ Cafaro, a former bar manager, goes on his first search warrant then witnesses his first dead body.  The call most rookies dread going on is the ‘”Signal 7” or dead body. Rookie April Levine gets two of these calls her first week.  She has the harrowing task of putting human bones in a plastic bag and lifting a five day old corpse.

Sounds reminiscent of Cops, eh? We'll see if this show serves Tampa well. Tune in tonight at 10pm for two back-to-back espisodes on A&E.