Just a few miles of water separate Tampa Bay's major urban center, Tampa and St. Petersburg. But until now, the only way to get from one city to the other was to drive.

Not any more.

In November, Tampa Bay's first regular ferry service begins between the two cities, providing commuters with a traffic-free ride to work and visitors with a fun and scenic way to visit the sights on both sides of the bay. Tampa Bay provides all sorts of great sights -- from the huge freighters bound for Port Tampa Bay to the dolphins and manatees breaking the surface in Florida's largest estuary.

Tickets go on sale Oct. 15 for the Cross-Bay Ferry, which will operate through April.

The ferry can carry 149 passengers (no cars allowed). It will run between the Tampa Convention Center waterfront and the docks near the St. Petersburg History Center. The trip will take 50 minutes each way.

Get your ticket and get ready to sail.