lsuHey promised, SEC basketball kicked off this afternoon with a bang.  Kentucky took on LSU for some high-flying, on-court action.  Ultimately, it was LSU who came out on top and will be heading in to the semi-finals tomorrow at the Forum.  

If you want the complete box score, click here!   

Next, South Carolina and Miss State will be going head to head, followed by Alabama v Tennessee.  Then, tonight Florida takes on Auburn for the last semi-final game.  

Our interactive guru Jerm (some of you may be following his blog) has been twittering all day long about the games, so head on there and take a look,  

For the last two games tonight, I'll be bringing you the latest on here, as well as twitter, so make sure you keep checking back for more Tampa Bay Tours around the SEC Basketball tournament.  

See you next time as we bring you more Tampa Bay area events to enjoy.