Hi Tampa-Melissa here to tell you guys about an event MOSI has coming up soon here. It’s their Science in Video Games Friday, which will take place November 12th from 7-10 p.m. Any gamer or gamer at heart will be delighted to explore the technologies and science related to their favorite videogames.

Anyone wondering about space travels in Halo or if Tetris can really make you smarter should not miss this event. You will even get to discuss what video games might be like in the future. The evening will include the discussion with gaming technology experts and hands-on gaming in MOSI’s  BAR 1570 (cash bar).

MOSI’s BAR 1570 is for adults, 21 and up. If you pre-register, you can be eligible for special prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Call (813) 987-6000 to pre-register now!

At last, but not least remember to keep checking back with us for more great Tampa Bay Area events!