Things to do in Tampa Bay: MOSII’ve always loved learning about the universe, and one of the best places to do so is obviously, at a planetarium. The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), houses the Saunders Planetarium, which I’ve been to, and thoroughly enjoyed. The planetarium was impressive to begin with, including a projection dome, exhibits, skywatch nights, telescope tutoring and more.

This weekend though, I intend on checking out the results of their $1Million upgrade.  The upgrades include a new projection dome, seating arrangements, and the “star” of the show is going to be the new $500,000 GOTO Chronos Star Projector. This projector MOSI says is, “capable of recreating the night sky from any time in less than 20 seconds from the past, present, and future from anywhere on the planet! In addition, the new interactive planetarium is capable of playing movies, ultra 3D graphics and live videos from NASA.”

The old projector was able to show 2,500 and the new one is capable to displaying 8,500, but the staff do recommend coming out to the skywatch nights as viewing the universe with your own eyes is quite different.

For more information on the Saunders Planetarium and MOSI, visit their website at It’s a humbling experience to see your role in the universe, and whatever your beliefs on life, you, your family, and friends are sure to come away a little smarter and a lot happier.

Once your done being amazed by our universe, be sure to get back to me about your visit and we can discuss supernovas, black holes, alternate dimensions, and of course, Earth!