I just got back from lunch at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine and it was so fabulous, that I just had to blog about it. Wine cellars tucked behind glass walls created a soothing ambiance throughout the restaurant. Splashes of color were scattered around the restaurant with deep maroons and creamy yellows.

All of the food was savory and cooked perfectly. On the advice of our friendly (and knowledgeable) waitress we began by ordering appetizers: the Hong Kong Calamari and the Lakanilau Roll. The calamari was cooked into a Szechwan sweet-and-sour sauce that was just the right amount of sweet. The Lakanilau Roll is a sushi roll made of dynamite crab, tempura asparagus and avocado. The tempura added the perfect crunch to the savory roll. To top it off, the roll was wrapped in a slice of mildly salty, tender Kobe beef. It was the type of sushi roll that you crave when you’re not even hungry.

For a main entrée I had macaroni-and -cheese. You may be confused as to why an award-winning, cutting edge restaurant with gourmet appetizers serves good ‘ole mac&cheese so let me elaborate. The macaroni and cheese was served on a piping hot skillet with melted white truffles and enough cheese that tiny strings attached my fork to my plate with every bite. The dish had bite-size, fresh snow crab pieces and crispy green peas that added a beautiful color and texture to the dish. Definitely not mom’s mac & cheese.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate and innovative place to take a date or a chic, high-end place for a middle of the day business lunch, swing by Roy’s. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll probably be somewhere by the open kitchen ordering enough Lakanilau Rolls to feed a family of five