As great restaurants continue to open in Tampa Bay, great chefs come along with them. That wealth of creativity opened the door for The Rooted Door -- billed as a “fully-immersive, creative dining experience designed to share the stories and explore the palates of our greater community’s culinary experts.”

Tucked away in the Sweetwater Organic Community Farm, diners will pick their own ingredients for custom cocktails before sitting down to enjoy farm-to-table cuisine from two of Tampa Bay’s nationally renowned chefs – Ferrell Alvarez of the Rooster & the Till and Don Pintabona of Locale Market.

Says Alyse Pask, creative director of The Rooted Door and president of PASK Productions, “My grandfather opened one of the first community drugstore in this city, so ultimately this event series is paying homage to my family roots. Through this unforgettable journey, guests can anticipate the Chefs culinary quests, inspirations, passions, and roots to Tampa and the culinary world brought to life.  My vision is to set a magical tone where individuals will walk through a door into another world filled with the most advanced cuisine imaginable, which will create a cherished memory for years to come.”

The first event of the series takes place Friday, May 15. After quickly selling out, we’re already anticipating the announcement of the next event this fall.

Watch the full video to learn more about the event and the roots of the Sweetwater Organic Community Farm.