So by now you guys should know that I have a love of Apple products in general, but am a huge fan of the IPhone, AKA the greatest invention since the air conditioner! In that love of the IPhone, also comes a love of great apps. I actually have about 3 1/2 pages worth of apps on my 3GS as we speak and am always on the lookout for another good one!

Well the wait was over this Monday when my friends over at Cost 2 Drive, launched their new IPhone App RoadTweets! Now I know you may be thinking... what the heck is a Road Tweet? The act of Road Tweeting is RoadTweeting is using Twitter to send trip updates (tweets) to followers while traveling.

It's a smartphone application that makes it super easy to capture and share travel experiences from the road. So next time you take that  long road trip and want to keep your friends and family updated on your progress, feel free to RoadTweet your tail off! So when you are making that long drive down the east coast to come to see all of our great Tampa Florida attractions, like the Florida Aquarium, you can document your trip every step of the way!

Now while, this is an app that is used for taking long road trips, myself as well as the gang over at Cost 2 Drive would like to remind that you should not be Tweeting and driving.  I have had the chance to test the app out over the course of the last few days and its functional as well as having a pretty easy to use interface, which are two things that I look for in each app that I download!

This one should come in handy come November when I am planning to take a long Road Trip to DC to visit friends! I am sure everyone waiting on me will want to know my progress as I trek along the interstates and highways.

Well Jerm is signing out now, but be sure to stay up to date all the great things to do in Tampa Bay and with my travel related IPhone app reviews here in the coming weeks and months!