Alright kids, here are the answers to today's trivia questions!
  1. Rent is one of only a few musicals in history to win both a Tony® Award and this Award.  Name the award. The Pulitzer
  2. What’s is the name of the restaurant in the musical? Life Cafe
  3. Where in NYC does Rent take place? Alphabet City in the East Village
Congrats to our winner! I think I stumped everyone with this as we had a few people who got 2 out of 3, or just got very close in general. Whether you were the winner or not, please be sure to go out to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center and check out this great show! The arts and culture in Tampa Bay scene will be abuzzing with the final showings of Rent this weekend!

Stay tuned for next week as we have a full trivia week ahead of us as we will be giving away some cool GameWorks stuff!

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more Tampa tourism updates and trivia questions!