It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a team of crazy people falling from a 30-foot platform in to the water!  Ok, I guess some explanation is needed at this point.  The folks from Red Bull have done it again…and they are doing it in Tampa. 


Red Bull Flugtag Tampa Bay will allow teams from the Sunshine State to New England to try and defy gravity with their human-powered flying machines on July 19.  40 teams – including Air Gilligan, Booty Snatchin' Pirates and Junk Mail – received their boarding passes (there were more than 300 applicants) to participate in the flying competition.  Each team is given the chance to stand 30 feet above the water on a deck built front and center of City Park at Tampa Convention Center to attempt to take flight in their homemade crafts. 


There are only three rules to follow for the participants:

Rule #1: All flying machines must be entirely human-powered! That means no external energy sources or stored power of any kind. 

Rule #2: The width of each craft is limited to 30-feet. 

Rule #3: All crafts must weigh no more than 450 lbs, which includes the pilot. 


Oh, and all team members are required to jump off the deck in to the water, following the craft.  OK, OK, OK…this isn’t a rule, but it’s very likely to happen! 


But, it’s not just how far they can fly before crashing (and believe me, they will crash) in to the water.  They will also be judged on the creativity of the craft and the team’s showmanship on stage…aka: be prepared for a show! 


So, head down to the Tampa Convention Center on July 19 and get ready for a show like non-other!  Now this is why Tampa Bay is great!  Also, make sure you log on to to see first-hand what Tampa has in store for visitors and residents alike.  Oh, and they have a COOL game you can play while you are surfing their site!