ray jayHey Tampa Bay, Alex here to start your week off with some great news about one of our stadiums!!

Raymond James Stadium has been ranked one of the Top 10 stadiums by Yahoo Sports. The stadium won its ranking based on the following criteria:

Architecture: Does it look cool in person and/or on television? Does the facility have any unique features?

History: Did the stadium recently open and never host a playoff game, or do you get chills when exiting the concourse and viewing the field thinking about what has taken place there (i.e. Chicago)?

Weather: (Football was meant to be played outdoors, so the domes are going to take a slight hit in the rankings.) This also applies to tailgating. It’s easier to grill burgers and drink beers in San Diego than it is Minnesota.

Fans: A packed house with rowdy diehards is going to make for a better time, as fan participation adds value to the NFL experience. What’s the point of going to a first-class stadium if it’s only half-filled?

Location: Is the stadium in the middle of nowhere or in the heart of a major U.S. city? Parking may be an issue, but there’s something to be said about hitting a packed bar within walking distance of the venue prior to and even after the game.

Based on those criteria created by Yahoo Sports, Ray Jay is No. 9! Our stadium has the full package—history, fans, weather and an awesome location too!

If you have never been to Raymond James, you may not understand why it’s ranked in the top 10, but Tampa Bay locals wouldn’t question why we have earned this high ranking. We know Ray Jay is one of the few places that provide fans with the opportunity to get a sun tan while watching an outdoor football game in mid-December?
The tailgates are awesome, the fans are passionate, the building is relatively new and the team has already won a Super Bowl since moving in.

Raymond James Stadium is also home to the south end zone. While the 103-foot-long pirate ship in the north end zone gets all of the attention, the south end zone is the place to be if you’re between the ages of 21 and 32, as this is the site where a host of young professionals from the Tampa area gather to hang out and drink beers on Sundays.

I hope you were all as excited to hear this news as I was!! Oh and for those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to visit this awesome stadium, don’t worry because football season is right around the corner! You will have the chance to experience the stadium festivities in a few months!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and don’t forget to check back throughout the week for more information on Tampa Bay Sports and Things To Do In Tampa Bay!