Josh Jones here guys, and I have some info on one of the cooler Tampa Bay area events coming to town! The Raw Unity Power-lifting Championships are set to take place in Tampa Bay for the third straight year.

Raw Unity is the perfect excuse to bring the best raw power-lifters in the state to compete using only their “raw” talent. The competition will take place on January 30Th and 31st, 2010 in the George W. Jenkins Family Center of the Jackson Springs Recreation Center.

For those of you who don’t know about Raw Unity or power-lifting, allow me to inform you.  Power-lifting began in the late 1960s. Raw power-lifting started it journey with minor leagues being formed in the early to mid 90s. Raw power-lifting is another form of power-lifting; however, this form is how much a participant can lift without their squat suit. The purpose behind the whole concept is to test an athlete’s real raw lifting ability. Raw power-lifting covers three events: squat, bench press and dead lift.

Last year the championship was able to bring over 50 participants and over 250 show attendees to the big show. This year they expect over 100 participants and over 350 show attendees. All the proceeds from the meet will go to fund the Jackson Springs Recreation Center after-school athletic programs and scholarship funds.

Last year’s event sold out, so be sure to get there early to get your seats!

From more information: This is Josh Jones signing off now, and be sure to follow my posts for more updates from your Tampa Bay team on the amateur Tampa Bay Sports scene here in Tampa Bay!

Saturday, January 30Th - Women and Lightweights (under 180lbs) compete
Sunday, January 31st – Men 180 lbs and up compete