Hey Movie buffs…Amy the film intern here. The Independents’ Film Festival committee just announced the finalists for the 2008 Best of the Fest. Winners will be announced 7 p.m. September 19th at the Tampa Theatre. Following, is a screening and Q&A with the filmmakers. Don’t miss this exciting festival! For tickets in advance go to: http://www.independentsfilmfest.com

Animation Award
Animal Instincts, Director Cameron Edser and Michael Richardson (Australia)
Emily in the Clouds, Director Clayton Mitchell (Florida)
The Clocktower, Director Cara Antonelli (Florida)

Indie Mini Film Award
Against the Wind, Director Dan Masucci (New York)
Hard Boiled, Director Brian Winter (Virginia)
Thanks to the Whistle Blowers, Director David Puls (New York)

Student Mini Film Award
Basket Boy, Director Pacifique Nzitonda (Africa)
Cuentos Chinos, Director Chris Caraballo (California)
Focus, Director Jesse Newman (Florida)

Student Short Film Award
Betrothed, Director Emily Sheskin (New York)
Latter Day Fake, Director Jolie Hale (California)
No One Doubts the Camera's Eye, Director Tim Compton (Florida)

Indie Short Film Award
El Ojo Unico, Director Adrian Castagna (California)
Red, Yellow, Blue, Director Changhee Chun (New York)
Shy, Director April Rouveyrol (California)

Indie Short Documentary Award--under 30 minutes
Florida's Wild Side, Director Tom Fitz  (Florida)
Flowers of Rwanda, Director David Munoz (Spain)
Silly & Serious, Director Dennis Tupicof (Australlia)

Indie Documentary Award--under 60 minutes
Millennium Musicians, Director Edson Pacheco (Florida)
Secrets of a Medicine Man, Director Nanette Fenton  (Florida)
Seminole Heights, Director Gene Howes (Florida)

Indie Feature Documentary Award--over 80 minutes
American Feud: A History of Conservatives & Liberals, Director Richard Hall, (Maryland)
The Church on Dauphine Street, Directors Rustin Thompson & Ann Hedreen (Washington)
Vaccine Nation, Director Gary Nulls (New York)

Indie feature Documentary Award--under 80 minutes
D.O.P.E., Director Chris Aherns (California)
King in Chicago, Director Seth McClellan (Alabama)
The Life Penalty, Director David Quint (Colorado)

Student Documentary Award

In the Panyard, Director Keli Ross-Ma'u  (California)
Postwar, Florida, Director Josh Kushner (Florida)

Indie Experimental Film Award
EZS: sequenza 1-A.E., Director Alessandro Brucini (Italy)
The Spasm Between the Infinities, Director Jeff Whipple (Florida)
Zunar-J5/9-Doric -48, Director Alexandra Rothert (Germany)


Climbing Downward, Director Jason Berger   (California)
Return to Sender, Directors Emma & Sarah Bailin  (Arkansas)
The Honest Shepherd, Director Lubomir Mihaila Kocka  (Georgia)

Directors' Choice Award
Flowers of Rwanda, Director David Munoz (Spain)
For A Few Marbles More, Director Jelmar Hufen (Netherlands)
Kilowatt Ours, Director Jeff Barrie (Tennessee)

Anyone want to guess who this year’s winners will be?