Tampa Bay Sports: Rays vs. PhilliesWelcome back Phillies Phans!  I hear you like to be called Phans so I will be accommodating cause while we are excited to have you guys here, but hopefully by the time you leave we will be up 2-0!  HAHAHA, you know I had to say it, but its all in the sport of competition.

If you are scrambling now and trying to make those last minute arrangements, let ol Jerm help you out in that department.  Come to our website and check out the Phillies Phans, or just visit www.VisitTampaBay.com/WorldSeries page I created just for my northern peeps!  Here you can get all the info you need with regards to "Phanning" it up here in the Bay area with everything that there is to do. 

Before you even get here check out the site anyhow and take care of your airfare, hotel, and downtown when your not at the game or one of our numerous bars checking out the game!

Keep checking the blogs here as we will keep posting about places to watch the game as well as the beautiful weather and how you can take time out to enjoy our many attractions! 

As usual if you want to ask me a question or or make a game prediction, then I am game, but until then safe travels down and good luck!