Ok gang...I must apologize as I don't know how this could slip through until now!  If you are any bit of an SEC Fan (much like myself), then you need to make your way down to Channelside tonight for the Party Under the Stars! 

This is going to be one big Pep Rally for SEC fans...and something that you aren't going to want to miss!  There are 12 schools getting ready to compete for SEC Champion this week, so I'm betting we'll see some great action tonight too! 

It all starts at 7pm, and it takes place in the Courtyard at Channelside.  There'll be school pep bands, cheerleaders, live music and much more.  Not to mention the great restaurants and bars that are already in Channelside. 

So, head on out and enjoy some friendly rivalry before the games even start.  And stop back in tomorrow and let us know how it was...and if you are going, I'll see you there.