Hey all! Melissa dropping in with news that is hot off the press! The Pink and Blue for Two event, which takes place on October 27th at Busch Gardens has added a secondary ticket option making standing up to cancer more affordable than ever!

The new “silver” ticket, which will be $75, is 50% cheaper than the “Gold”, $150 ticket. You may be wondering what the differences are and I would never leave you guys hangin’, so here they are:

The Silver ticket does not include food or an open bar for the evening. However, purchasers of this ticket will receive 3 complimentary alcoholic beverages during the evening and of course, there is no limit to how much water or soda you can consume. The Gold ticket option will offer an open bar and food throughout the night. Both tickets will allow guests to enjoy the music of Olivia Newton-John and Eric Darius, participate in live and silent auctions and most importantly be a part of this amazing initiative to stand up to cancer by promoting awareness.

This new ticket sounds great. There are some differences and in the end, some of you may still want to spend the extra money for the Gold Ticket, but either way you are doing your part to change the way people look at cancer awareness and you are doing it while having a great time.

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